Professional teeth whitening treatments are only able to be carried out in a dental

Professional whitening treatments differ from the ones able to be purchased ‘over the counter’ as they contain higher levels of the active ingredient to allow for a much more noticeable result.

Am I suitable for whitening treatments?

Not everyone is suitable for whitening treatments, this depends on several factors. Before any whitening treatment is started, you will need to attend a consultation at the practice to assess your suitability.

Most patients will be suitable for whitening treatment, as long as their overall oral health is good and they are over 18. However, if you are not currently suitable for the treatment your dentist may suggest what needs to be done/improved on before going ahead with the whitening.

Here at Taverham Dental Health Clinic we have two options to achieve a whiter, brighter smile:


At Home Kit – Whitewash Laboratories

Whitewash Laboratories is a professional, at home, whitening system that can only be used under the supervision of a Dentist. This is due to the active ingredients, which will effectively lighten the enamel of the teeth.

You will start your treatment by visiting us for a consultation to assess whether you are suitable to go ahead with the at home whitening treatment.

Once suitability has been established, you are ready to have you ‘Impressions’ taken. We do this by using an intra-oral scanner, which we then use to create custom whitening trays, produced in house.

After these are completed, and your trays are fitted, you are ready to start your whitening journey. This is achieved by using the product every day for 1-2 weeks and then topping up every 6-12months. Additional whitening syringes can be purchased.

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In Surgery treatment Philips Zoom

Along side our take-home whitening, we can offer our patients an in-surgery treatment, to provide instantly whiter teeth.

Phillips Zoom uses a combination of a gel, which is then activated by the whitening lamp. This provides the best results possible quickly and hassle free. This option provides the most dramatic difference in colour, and you can feel assured that you are getting a safe and effective treatment here at Taverham Dental.