Here at Taverham Dental Health Clinic we aim to provide outstanding levels of care and treatment to all our patients. To do this, we have invested in technology to offer patients a ‘Same-day smile’ experience. To achieve this, we follow the below process:




We start by assessing your restoration/appliance needs and perform a scan on your teeth with our CS3600 intra oral scanner. This means we no longer use impression materials for some of our treatments.


Your custom-made appliance is designed by our team, in practice using Exocad software. Carrying out the design process here in the practice ensures we can meet our patient’s exact needs.


We then use our 3D printer to create a study model from resin for us to work from. This is only used for appliances, such as whitening trays, nightguards and retainers.


Finally, it is time to produce the restoration/appliance. For appliances we use our MINISTAR machine to create exact replicas of the dentition in the correct material, depending on the appliance type. For restorations, such as crowns and bridges we use our Milling Machine which, depending on the complexity of the case, can produce a crown in a matter of minutes!