We currently have two Hygienists that work on a part-time basis here at the practice. They play a key role in achieving overall oral heath, as well as preventing, and treat gum disease in our patients. They do this by providing deep cleaning tailored to the patient and providing oral health education.

Preventing and treating gum disease is extremely important for a patient’s general health. Studies have found links to gum disease and other medical conditions, such as heart health, stokes and diabetes.

You are now able to book an appointment with one of our Hygienists, without having to be referred by one of our dentists.


**NEW** Airflow polishing

Our Hygienists are now able to offer a new polishing treatment here at the practice. This ‘supreme clean’ goes above and beyond a normal ‘polish’ you have experienced before.

This treatment combines three elements to achieve amazing results: air, jet water and sodium bicarbonate. These are used to polish all surfaces of the tooth, removing discolouration, plaque, or soft deposits.

Do not let the idea of sodium bicarbonate put you off, we have five different flavours of polish to choose from!